There are not a lot of secrets and series Easter eggs in Fire Emblem Engage, but we are going to explain the few to watch out for.

Fire Emblem Engage offers a little bit of a lot of different flavors of the series, boasting countless characters and iconic items. But if you are looking for secrets and Easter eggs in Fire Emblem Engage, there are going to be more secrets in the main campaign and more references to other games in the series in the paid DLC.

There Are Only a Few Minor Secrets and Easter Eggs in Fire Emblem Engage

So what are some of the best secrets? Well first, like many other games before it, Fire Emblem Engage offers the chance to grab several missable characters. Some will require the completion of Paralogues; others will need to be recruited from enemy armies during missions. To make sure you get all the missable characters, be sure to check out our missable characters guide.

There are also a number of other small details you might miss if you’re not looking, like the ability to adopt animals to bring to your home base or to enjoy fun activities in Somniel like getting your fortune told and working out in the gym for a character boost. You can also donate to varying kingdoms to receive better skirmishes and gain access to better weapons.

As mentioned earlier, while there are plenty of references to other games, Engage plays out more like a celebration of the series rather than an Easter egg hunt. Rather than having nods to classic heroes, they’re front and center in the game, as are famous items like Tiki’s bracelet or other DLC to gain access to new Emblems like the Three Houses house leaders. That being said, we have yet to discover any major Easter eggs that are less announced.

So while Fire Emblem Engage has its own share of secrets and plenty of references, it’s hard to call any of these “Easter eggs” by classic standards.

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