Artist Class Engravings in Lost Ark

Artist Class Engravings in Lost Ark Explained

The popular MMO action role playing game Lost Ark by Smilegate and Tripod studio recently launched a big update called The Art of War. This new update features a brand new advanced class called the Artist, which you can find out more about in our class guide. If you’re picking up the Artist class to try out in Lost Ark, it’s important to know how her Engravings work and which ones to use, as they have quite an impact on the play style and usefulness of the class.

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How the Artist Class Engravings Work in Lost Ark

There are two main Engravings for the Artist class: Full Bloom and Recurrence. Full Bloom is the Engraving that best benefits the Artist class’s support abilities, while the Recurrence Engraving works best for improving the solo damage output of the Artist..


When casting Sunrise, the energy spreads to recover the HP of Party Members within 24 meters of the Artist and Sun Marble:

  • Level 1 – Recovers up to 7% of the Artist’s Max HP.
  • Level 2 – Recovers up to 11% of the Artist’s Max HP.
  • Level 3 – Recovers up to 15% of the Artist’s Max HP.

The majority of the time playing the Artist class you’ll want to use the Full Bloom Engraving to bolster your support abilities and provide better value to your teams in group content. Having the ability to regularly heal your team up to 15% of the Artist’s max HP is an amazing benefit for any party.

Your main goal while playing the Artist class should be to maintain high uptime on your buffs for your party, as well as keeping them healthy with your healing and orbs. With good positioning and timing of your abilities, you can become an absolute support machine that players will love and appreciate playing alongside. 


Upon using Moonfall or Sunrise, gain an effect that temporarily increases the Artist’s Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage:

  • Level 1 – Increases Critical Hit Rate by 6% and Critical Damage by 20% for 60 seconds.
  • Level 2 – Increases Critical Hit Rate by 9% and Critical Damage by 30% for 60 seconds.
  • Level 3 – Increases Critical Hit Rate by 12% and Critical Damage by 40% for 60 seconds.

The Recurrence Engraving is a great way to bolster your own damage to help you get through solo content. It’s especially useful for Thronespire or Chaos Dungeons. Your play style will remain mostly the same when using the Recurrence Engraving, prioritizing building up Harmony orbs to keep your buffs constantly running. Outside of solo content though, it’s not a great way to play the Artist. It’s very much a support class at its core, and the synergy just feels much better when using Full Bloom to elevate those capabilities.

That’s it for the two Artist class Engravings in Lost Ark. Stick to Full Bloom most of the time so you can be a support machine for your teammates and only use the Recurrence engraving when you need to for solo content and you’ll be setting yourself up for success!

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