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Alleged Concept Art for Canceled Batman Arkham Game Surfaces

Alleged Concept Art for Canceled Batman Arkham Game Surfaces

A leak has revealed what could be concept art from a cancelled entry in the Batman Arkham series.

A post on 4chan claims that WB Games Montreal, of Batman: Arkham Origins, was working on a sequel set in the future. The game would have featured Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian, as Batman. Bruce himself would have been retired. Dick Grayson would have returned in some form, and Two-Face was going to return exhibiting his third persona, the Judge. Other villains on offer would have included the Penguin, Gorilla Grodd, Flamingo, Poison Ivy, and a gender-swapped Black Mask.

The Batman Arkham game was supposedly intended to take place in a ruined future Gotham, include the Batcycle, and feature something akin to the “Nemesis system” from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

canceled arkham knight sequel

The leaker claims vaguely that WB Montreal is now instead working on “another Batman game.” This lines up with an old report that WB Montreal had allegedly been working on a Suicide Squad game that was subsequently canceled.

The leaker also repeats reports that Batman Arkham series originator Rocksteady Studios is currently developing a “superhero creation game.” The rumors suggest that the studio is developing a “games as a service”-style title about a group of superheroes.

In any case, when it comes to 4chan “leaks,” all information should be taken with quantities of salt that are typically fatal for human consumption. That said, 4chan leaks have been accurate from time to time — broken clocks and all that. The alleged concept art seems plausible, at least.

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