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Bayonetta 3 Gets 8 Minutes of Gameplay Ahead of October Launch

Bayonetta 3 Gets 8 Minutes of Gameplay Ahead of Release Next Month

PlatinumGames has been working on Bayonetta 3 for so long that fans have waited years to see it in action, so you’ll be happy to know that we just got a whopping eight minutes of gameplay footage. Bayonetta gameplay looks just as stylish and gorgeous as ever here, with the video highlighting the series’s show-stopping Witch Time ability. The gameplay footage is a long time coming and is a great way to wait for Bayonetta 3 to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

Summoning demons and slowing time to pummel enemies is what Bayonetta is all about, but the eight-minute video also takes the time to break down some of the iconic Umbra Witch’s new abilities. For more on all of the carnage coming to Bayonetta 3, you can read a synopsis from Nintendo below:

Umbra Witch Bayonetta must protect the world from a sudden invasion of man-made bioweapons called Homunculi. Throughout the Bayonetta series, she’s gone from fighting for herself to fighting for others to fighting for the world. Now, Bayonetta must team up with those who have overcome their past histories with her, like the journalist Luka and another Umbra Witch, Jeanne. The new feisty witch-in-training Viola also joins in on the action. A hair-raising, demon-summoning, globe-trotting adventure awaits in Bayonetta 3, launching on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28.

Bayonetta 3 will feature a Bayonetta more agile and skilled than ever. You can see her in action in the footage below while we wait for PlatinumGames to release the action title next month.

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