Before We Leave release date May 8 PC Epic Games Store Balancing Monkey Games

New Zealand indie developer Balancing Monkey Games’ debut titleBefore We Leave, will release next month. The civilization-building title will launch May 8 for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Unlike many titles within the genre, there won’t be any warfare or battles. Instead, players face the threat of gigantic space whales that can gobble up an entire planet.

Players will take on the role of a tribe leader that leads their people out from caves and starts to rebuild civilization after a series of disasters forced people underground. While gameplay starts on this basic level, it eventually evolves into expanding society to other continents and even going to outer space to colonize planets.

Gameplay largely revolves around resource management, as early on users will look for materials to build huts and start growing vegetables such as potatoes. Later on, colonies can search for ancient technology that will help their new civilization thrive and eventually create a planetary network of colonies that all work together. Balancing Monkey Games says that Before We Leave brings a “serene, scenic and relaxing atmosphere for players to unwind,” at least when gamers aren’t trying to avoid getting gobbled up by an intergalactic space whale.

Freedom in the civilization builder is vast, and players will be able to build society to whatever mold they choose. However, there will be challenges for the players to fulfill imposed by ancient world guardians. Passing these are key if users want their new colonies to survive because poorly managed civilizations will be punished by the same disasters that led people to flee underground prior.

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