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Best Bard Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

From Actor to War Caster, here are the five best Bard Feats for you to focus on during your Baldur's Gate 3 adventure.

Who doesn’t love a good Bard class in D&D? This class features the use of musical instruments and songs to inspire and empower allies with useful buffs. They’re a fun, charismatic, and team-focused class to play, and the same is true in Baldur’s Gate 3. You get some powerful allies to make use of, and having a Bard to enhance your team can be incredibly useful. They’re also not a pure spell caster class, which means they can be built to have good survivability and combat capabilities as well. With the right stats, subclass, and choice of feats, you can really change up how the Bard functions as a class. We’ll be focusing on feats for the Bard in this list, specifically the top 5 best Bard feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

Best Bard Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

5 – Actor

Charisma can be a big part of the Bards playstyle. If you want to charm the pants off everyone, then this is a great feat to choose to enhance. While Actor provides an additional point of Charisma, but the best part is the double Proficiency bonus when rolling for Performance or Deception checks. This Proficiency bonus plus high Charisma means the odds will be in your favor on any Performance or Deception check that gets thrown your way. This can unlock some really entertaining routes through dialogue, and be quite impactful on your adventure.

BG3 Bard Actor feat

4 – Ritual Caster

Ritual spells give the Bard class some nice extra flexibility when it comes to the magic they can use. The Bard has quite a limited amount of spells they can have learned at any one time, which means you often have to forgo useful lower level utility spells as they level up. Ritual Caster can help fill in those gaps by providing access to those spells. This means the Bard can focus on building out stronger spells, while still not losing out on that extra utility.

Bard ritual caster feat

3 – Resilient

Many of the Bard’s best skills that buff allies have a concentration rule on them. Being able to resist losing concentration when hit can be a huge boon in maintaining your skill uptime. Using the Resilient feat is an excellent way to improve this by going for the Constitution option. Concentration relies on Constitution saving throws, and this feat will directly improve rolls for that.

BG3 resilient feat

2 – Skilled

Skilled is a very versatile feat and one that suits the Bard quite well. Being able to have additional proficiencies lets the Bard cover more bases and really become a reliable skill champion for the party. The more checks you can pass easily with your Bard, the better position you’ll be in throughout your adventure.

Bard skilled feat BG3

1 – War Caster

War Caster is one of my favorite Bard feats.  Like I mentioned with the Resilient feat, concentration is very important for the Bard, and this feat grants you advantage. This means when you’re hit, you get to roll two dice and choose the higher of the rolls as your save for concentration. A big benefit for helping you keep your spells going. You’ll also gain the ability to cast Shocking Grasp at a target moving out of melee range as a reaction. Unlike many other spellcasters, Bards tends to be closer to the action, which means they can get some extra damage output just from being near your other melee fighters.

Those are my top five picks for the best feats to use on a Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3. Bards are an awesome class in the game and pretty darn fun to play, especially when you’ve got some good feats going.

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