With Season 5 and 4 cards discounted to 4 and 3, here are the best and worst cards to spend credits on in Marvel Snap, like Zabu Sauron, Shadow King, Shanna the She-Devil, Dazzler Orka, Attuma, & M’Baku

Best Discounted Cards to Spend Credits on in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner continues to roll out changes to card acquisition for its superhero-themed collectible card game, and with how difficult obtaining a single card in the game becomes in higher Collection Ranks, it can be tough to know what cards to spend your hard-earned credits on. The scheduled Marvel Snap patch for March shifts five cards from the expensive Series 5 to Series 4, as well as three cards from Series 4 to the reasonably obtainable Series 3. Series 5 cards cost an absurd 6000 credits. Series 4 cards cost 3000 credits. And Series 3 cards cost 1000 credits. Let’s discuss the best discounted cards to spend credits on in Marvel Snap, taking a look at the cards one at a time and beginning with the three cards that moved from Series 4 to 3: Orka, Attuma, and M’baku.

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Examining the Best and Worst Discounted Cards to Spend Credits on in Marvel Snap

Cards Discounted from Series 4 to Series 3: Orka, Attuma, & M’Baku

Of the three, Attuma is the most viable Marvel Snap card. This Atlantean warlord’s text reads: “If you have another card here at the end of your turn, destroy this.” At 4 energy and 10 power, this might not seem like a powerful effect, but with the viability of Shuri decks that run both Zero and Armor, this detrimental effect can be negated. However, Second Dinner has confirmed nerfs are coming for Shuri decks, so holding on to your 1000 credits until those nerfs come into play is recommended.

Both M’Baku and Orka are not worth it. Neither card is necessary in any viable Marvel Snap deck. On the contrary, Orka needs a buff to make it even remotely worthwhile to include. M’Baku sometimes finds homes in decks that play Cerebro with 2-power cards, but even then, there are other alternatives if you don’t have the Wakandan warrior. Trust me: I pulled M’Baku and Orka naturally when they were Series 4, and I’m still salty about it.

With Season 5 and 4 cards discounted to 4 and 3, here are the best and worst cards to spend credits on in Marvel Snap, like Zabu Sauron, Shadow King, Shanna the She-Devil, Dazzler Orka, Attuma, & M’Baku

Cards Discounted from Series 5 to Series 4: Zabu, Sauron, Shadow King, Shanna the She-Devil, & Dazzler

Truthfully, only Zabu is worth 3000 credits if you missed obtaining him in the Savage Land season pass. Last month he was nerfed, yet with an ability that reads, “Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 1 less. (minimum 1),” the orange kitty still finds play empowering 4-cost cards like Darkhawk, Shang-Chi, Jubilee, Moon Girl, and Wong. He can be used to cheat out a 4-cost card a turn early, or his ability can help you play multiple cards on later turns. Zabu is well worth adding to your collection.

If you enjoy playing Shuri decks with Lizard, Typhoid Mary, and Red Skull, Sauron is a viable option for purchase, but once again, Shuri decks are said to be receiving a nerf sometime soon — so hold off on picking up the Lord of Mordor the Savage Lands.

Shanna the She-Devil can slot into zoo-type decks with her ability that reads, “On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location,” but zoo decks that run Kazar and a ton of other 1-cost cards are in a rough place as Thanos decks, which flood the board with 1-cost stones, are by far the most powerful, making Killmonger a common sight. Shanna has the chance to become a viable card, but as of right now, she isn’t worth the 3000 credits.

Shadow King and Dazzler are not worth it in Marvel Snap. Both of their abilities (“On Reveal: Set all cards here to their original base Power,” and “Ongoing: If you have 4 cards at each location, +6 Power,” respectively) are weak compared to those of similar cards. Yes, Shadow King can get around Armor to hit high-stated cards that Shang-Chi can’t, but it still leaves your opponent with a body on the board. Dazzler maxing out as a 4-cost, 10-power card if you manage to flood your board is a lot of effort for very little effect. She may find play after the upcoming nerfs, but even then, she will likely be an easily replaceable piece to a middling zoo-type deck. Best to wait for these cards to get cheaper, or pull them naturally and be salty about it — just like me.

That does it for this breakdown of the best and worst discounted cards to spend credits on in Marvel Snap. For the most part, only Zabu is a safe buy from this series drop, as the ferocious feline will likely be a viable card for a long time to come. The others may find a place someday, but it isn’t right now. Save those credits for after the March patch and get something game-breaking like Thanos instead — if they don’t nerf him, too.

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