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Best Games on the Steam Summer Sale 2023 Ranked

Best Games on the Steam Summer Sale 2023 Ranked

It’s that time of year again when the big jolly fella himself comes to bring joy and games all around the world — that’s right, Lord Gaben is back with the Steam Summer Sale! Ready your wallets, prepare your credit cards, and work those extra hours, because we’ve got one heck of a sale this year with tons of amazing choices to pick up on heavy discount. Let’s go over some of the best games to pick up if you don’t already have them in the Steam Summer Sale 2023, ranked.

Best Games to Buy in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

This list will focus on the major titles that are on sale, but keep an eye out for some other lists from us such as top hidden gems in the Steam Summer Sale!

10 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

With a hefty 43% discount, there has never been a better time to pick up this amazing game. Reliving the Final Fantasy VII story and seeing all the characters brought back to life with incredible visuals was an absolute joy. Even if you’ve not played the original Final Fantasy VII before, you can absolutely play this game standalone and you’ll be able to understand what’s going on well enough in the epic story. Plus, the action combat and RPG elements are top-notch in this game. Being the Intergrade version, it also comes with a full additional story arc featuring Yuffie Kisaragi. If you’re even slightly interested in this game, now is the time to pick it up. It could be a long time before it’s this cheap again!

Best Games on the Steam Summer Sale 2023 Ranked - Insomniac Marvels Spider-Man Remastered PC

9 – Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered

The legendary PlayStation title is just as good if not better with this fantastic PC port, and with a sweet 33% discount, you can’t go wrong. Insomniac nails the story in this game and crafts a world around Spider-Man that is so compelling to swing through that you really do get the feeling of being Spider-Man. That is not something that would be easy to pull off. Plus, on PC you get the extra benefit of being able to play around with mods, so after you’ve played through the game and collected all the cool collectibles, there is even more to do thanks to a large modding community around this game.

8 – Persona 5 Royal

Another top-notch console game that has received a flawless port over to PC. With its having a 40% discount, I can’t recommend this game highly enough. I spent well over 100 hours playing through my first playthrough of Persona 5 Royal and loved every minute of it. The story has you wanting to find out more as the mysteries unravel. The characters are all awesome, and you’ll enjoy interacting with them. The turn-based combat and ability to battle, defeat, and gain new Personas to level up and and even combine is just such a great system. If you have the funds to pick up this title, you won’t regret adding this game to your collection.

7 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition

If you’re after a bit more challenge in your games, look no further than Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice at half the price. This is one of the most difficult Soulslike titles out there and also one of the most badass. By the end of this game you’ll be parrying enemy attacks so well you’ll think you’re an actual samurai. It has some of the most epic and challenging boss fights I’ve ever come across and tons of different areas with various tough enemy types and challenges to overcome. There really is never a dull moment playing this game. If you’re someone who likes Soulslike games or is just up for a challenge, this game won a Game of the Year award for a reason, and at 50% off you really can’t go wrong.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Best Games on the Steam Summer Sale 2023 Ranked

6 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

One of the most recently released games on this list, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the latest addition to the series following the story of Jedi Cal Kestis. With 25% off, it’s quite a good discount for a title that only released a couple months ago. The story, characters, and combat are exceptional in this game, and Cal really gets to shine as a full-on Jedi badass right from the get go this time around. With dual lightsaber and double-bladed lightsaber combat being featured this time around, it sure is a blast to chop all the droids and stormtroopers into bits with your spinning blades of death! One thing to note with this title though is that the game has been plagued with bugs and performance issues. Things are still being fixed even now, and performance may vary heavily depending on your PC specifications. If you have a less powerful PC, it may be best to think about this one on console instead.

5 – Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is my absolute favorite racing game so far. It’s all about having fun, unlocking tons of cars and vehicles, and pimping them out to go faster and faster. The visuals, attention to detail, and sound design are all on point as you zoom around the Mexican landscapes, cross through jungles, and even visit volcanoes. The game is 50% off, so if you’re looking for some good arcade-style racing fun, this game has tons of it, along with some great multiplayer features to boot.

4 – Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a classic at this point, but if you still haven’t gotten around to playing this highly regarded Rockstar title, then right now with a massive 67% off is the best time to pick it up and become a gun-toting cowboy. This game has an immersive and well-crafted story and highly detailed visuals and game mechanics that will leave you thoroughly impressed. It also has a full featured multiplayer, so if you feel like taking on some other sweaty cowboys in a shootout after you complete the main story, that’s there waiting for you as well.

3 – Hogwarts Legacy

One of 2023’s big smash hits is also on sale. It’s a 20% discount, which is decent, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan and still haven’t managed to pick up this game yet, you absolutely should. It’s an incredible adventure with an all-new story set in the Wizarding World well before the events of Harry Potter take place. It’s packed full of ancient magic, dragons, deadly enemies, and side stories to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. This is the game fans of the Harry Potter universe have been waiting for, and if you’ve yet to experience it, I can’t recommend it highly enough to fans of the books and movies.

2 – Cyberpunk 2077

This game has undergone one of the most massive transformations I’ve ever seen post-launch for a single-player title. CD Projekt Red had a horrible day when this was released; it just wasn’t ready, and the amount of bugs and performance issues was staggering. With such high expectations of the team behind The Witcher 3, the internet had an absolute meltdown over Cyberpunk 2077 not being up to scratch. But instead of giving up on the game like some studios would do after the criticism, CDPR committed harder than ever to making the game good and has been working on it for years, rolling out improvements and change after change. I’ve never seen so many updates being rolled out for a single-player title before, let alone full-fledged updates and upgrades to core aspects of the game and gameplay.

Coming back to play Cyberpunk 2077 now in 2023, you’ll be experiencing nearly a totally different game to when it first released. And with the huge success of its excellent anime series and upcoming giant expansion for the game, now is the best time to pick up Cyberpunk 2077 with a nice 50% discount on it to boot!

1 – Elden Ring

Elden Ring speaks for itself at this stage, and the critically acclaimed game of 2022 takes my number one spot. It’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it’s also a title that I will come back to play over and over again, which is quite the feat for a game that is primarily single-player with light multiplayer elements. Elden Ring is the pinnacle of Souls games thus far, and with 30% off in the Steam Summer Sale 2023, it’s one the absolute best games to have in your library. Pick it up, give it a try, and I hope you have as much fun with it as I did and still do!

Special Mention – Steam Deck

Depending on your region, all models of Steam Deck are on sale, with 20% off the strongest model! And as someone who has a Steam Deck and loves it, I can tell you that if you travel or simply want to be able to play games on a handheld that can play your juicy Steam library wherever you like, this is the one to go for. I was incredibly impressed at the performance the Steam Deck can put out, and some titles really just are perfectly suited to be played on a handheld. If they’ve not already sold out and you’re interested, now is the best time to pick yourself up a Steam Deck while they have a nice discount!

That’s it for this list. Those are the top 10 best games to look at picking up in the Steam Summer Sale 2023 if you don’t already have them. Keep an eye out for other lists and recommendations from us throughout this most wonderful time of the year!

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