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Best Gilgamesh Decks in Marvel Snap

Remember the Eternals movie from 2021 starring Angelina Jolie and Kit Harrington? No? Well, we don’t blame you. Regardless, the Eternals are making their way to Marvel Snap, beginning with the season pass card Gilgamesh and ending with Arishem. Here are the best Gilgamesh decks in Marvel Snap.

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How Gilgamesh Works in Marvel Snap

Gilgamesh is a 5-energy, 7-power card with an ability that reads: “On Reveal: +1 Power for each of your other cards in play with increased Power.”

If all your other cards are buffed, Gilgamesh will become a 5-cost, 18-power card.

This essentially means that any cards on your side of the board with green power numbers – the color that denotes a buff – will give Gilgamesh an extra power when he’s played. From Blue Marvel buffing an entire board to Devil Dinosaur being buffed from hand size, there are a lot of ways to make use of Gilgamesh.

As his ability is an On Reveal, if you lose your buff – such as having your Blue Marvel hit by Enchantress – Gilgamesh will still retain his power.

Best Gilgamesh Decks in Marvel Snap

Gilgamesh slots easily into decks that have a proactive way to increase the power of multiple cards, though I think it will take some time to see if he’s good or not. As cards like Cull Obsidian and Mockingbird cost 4 and 5 energy, respectively, Gilgamesh needs to hit about 12 power (triggering off at least 5 cards). As a result, this zoo list makes the most sense for him:

  • Ant-Man
  • Nico Minoru
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Dazzler
  • White Widow
  • Mysterio
  • Debrii
  • Ka-Zar
  • Cull Obsidian
  • Blue Marvel
  • Gilgamesh
  • Mockingbird

Click here to copy this deck code from Snap Fan.

Mockingbird and Cull Obsidian are pretty integral to this list, though if you can sub White Widow for Armor to protect 1-cost cards from Killmonger and Cull Obsidian and Gilgamesh from Shang-Chi. 

Otherwise, this list has a small clutter package with Debrii and White Widow that can lock opponents out of a lane. With Blue Marvel dropped on 5, you can then win another lane with Gilgamesh. You should definitely Snap if you have a good curve or believe you can lock out an opponent with Debrii.

One of the other decks you’re likely to find Gilgamesh in is a Patriot list that has made the rounds ever since Ultron was buffed last month; however, I find this list rather clunky as it’s difficult to get buffed Ultron Bots out before playing Gilgamesh. Instead, I recommend reviving a Patriot Surfer list if you’re looking for the best Gilgamesh decks in Marvel Snap:

  • America Chavez
  • Forge
  • Mister Sinister
  • Patriot
  • Brood
  • Silver Surfer
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Wong
  • Absorbing Man
  • Blue Marvel
  • Gilgamesh
  • Mockingbird

Click here to copy the list from Snap Fan.

If you do not have Mockingbird, you can replace her with Iron Man. Furthermore, Sebastian Shaw can be swapped out for another powerful 3-cost card, such as Nightingale, Polaris, or Gladiator. Otherwise, this deck is fairly cheap to make.

This list has a ton of synergy that also works with Gilgamesh, including playing him into Wong or copying his On Reveal with Absorbing Man – though you’ll usually want to hit Brood with the latter. He becomes a great turn 5 play or a halfway decent turn 6 play if you manage to get your Silver Surfer off early and need to spread your power tall rather than wide.

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Gilgamesh Counters in Marvel Snap

I do not believe that Gilgamesh will become such a meta nuisance that he will require consistent countering; however, if you do find yourself running into him a lot, Shadow King is king. Furthermore, Shang-Chi will cut Gilgamesh down to size if he gets decently big; most players will want to get him above 10 power at the very least. Furthermore, if your opponents are getting cheeky by dropping Gilgamesh into Wong, your old pal Cosmo is the card to tech into your deck.

Otherwise, teching in a card like Enchantress or Rogue to steal Ongoing card effects that your opponent will play to activate Gilgamesh is a good idea, too.

Who Is Gilgamesh?

Gilgamesh is one of the Eternals, a superpowered offshoot of the human race created by god-like Celestials. Much like other Eternals, he was present during much of human history, obtaining the name Gilgamesh as in Marvel lore he was present around 2900 BC. Also like other Eteranls, he can fly, has superhuman strength, can shoot an energy blast or three, and possesses unlimited stamina. He’s basically a mythological Superman.

Is Gilgamesh Worth Buying the Season Pass For?

As the Marvel Snap season pass is an incredibly good deal for $9.99, he’s worth buying it for all the extra credits and gold you get alone. However, as a card, it seems like Gilgamesh fits too awkwardly into buff decks to be useful over other similar cards; in short, getting him to a respectable 12-power is a difficult task. That said, I do think Gilgamesh is ripe for a buff – it wouldn’t be the first time an underperforming season pass card received one shortly after release. I would pick him up if you have the real-world coin to spare.

And those are the best Gilgamesh decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is available now.

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