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Best Kirara Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Best Kirara Team Comps in Genshin Impact
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Kirara makes her debut in the 3.7 patch of Genshin Impact. She’s a Dendro support character who specializes in shielding. She also has amazing open world abilities, such as the ability to transform into a special delivery cat to speed along the ground and even up walls! She also has the ability to sneak up on wildlife undetected, which is great if you need some food. For combat, though, as a Dendro shielder with decent Dendro application, Kirara has some great team comps she can fit into in Genshin Impact.

Best Teams to Build Around Kirara in Genshin Impact

Kirara works best in teams that swap around often. She has short skill cooldowns and will be able to fit into rotations nicely to keep strong shield uptime. She can also short-hold her skill to generate 4 Dendro particles at once, which means she makes for a great Dendro battery to partner with another Dendro teammate. 

Dendro also often revolves around Blooms, but when Blooms explode they can do a lot of damage to you. Kirara’s defensive abilities can really shine by protecting the team from Bloom damage with her shields. With a HP stacking build, which you can find in our guide, she creates shields just shy of what Zhongli can put out, which is impressive for a 4-star.

Kirara Aggravate

Kirara – Keqing – Fischl – Kazuha
Kirara is a perfect choice for an Aggravate team. Her Dendro application isn’t too overwhelming, so she’s able to perform the Dendro role in this comp very well. Keqing benefits from her shielding when she’s on field, dealing some damage and with Fischl’s constant off-field damage and Kazhua swirling Electro and shredding resistances, it can be a very strong team. 

Kirara Quicken

Kirara – Yae Miko – Tighnari – Fischl
A Quicken team also works very well, utilizing both Dendro and Electro resonance buffs well. Kirara’s ability to generate a nice amount of energy for Tighnari means that this team can quickly swap around for strong damage rotation. Yae Miko deals constant off-field damage and Fischl doubles that, while Kirara generates the shields to protect Tighnari while he’s dealing on-field damage.

Kirara Hyperbloom

Kirara – Xingqiu – Raiden Shogun – Alhaitham
Kirara is an excellent partner for Alhaitham as well. Her shielding and Dendro energy generation allows Alhaitham to drive on-field Dendro damage. Qingqiu provides Hydro application and reduces damage taken, plus his Elemental burst is incredibly strong off-field for keeping Blooms growing while Alhaitham attacks. 

Raiden Shogun should be built for full Elemental Mastery in this team, primarily using her ability to detonate the Blooms with Electro for Hyperbloom damage. With long off-field application, her, Qingqiu, and Kirara’s shields makes Alhaitham an absolute weapon on the field. He will comfortably shred everything without worry of being interrupted.

Kirara Super Bloom

Kirara – Nilou – Nahida – Kokomi
Of course, you can’t go wrong with shielding in a Super Bloom team. With Kirara shielding and Kokomi healing, this team will put out an absolute ton of exploding Blooms, while still having incredible survivability and the capacity to shrug off any Bloom self damage and enemy damage. This combo makes for a very smooth team comp to play if you have these characters available.

That covers off the best team comps to try out with Kirara in Genshin Impact. If you pull her and decide to build her out, give one of these team comps a try! If you don’t have the right characters… Well at least, she is still awesome for traversing around the world of Teyvat in kitty cat style.

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