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Best Seele Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Seele Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail
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Seele is the main attraction on the current special character banner in Honkai: Star Rail. We have a full guide to her utility, but, in short, she can be an immense boost to your team and your ability to tackle content effectively. If you’ve been lucky enough to add Seele to your team in Honkai: Star Rail, here are some of the best comps you can build around her!

Make Seele Shine With These Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

If you’ve pulled Seele this early, chances are that you don’t have a whole lot of characters to work with, unless you’ve thrown your wallet repeatedly at the store. With that in mind, here are the best builds to use with Seele early on utilizing only 4-star characters.

Seele – Tingyun – Pela – Natasha

Best Seele Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail - Seele - Tingyun - Pela - Natasha

This team comp sets Seele up for success by having Tingyun as her dedicated buffer, providing tons of extra damage as well as more energy to significantly increase her attack rate. Pela serves as a debuffer, shredding enemy defenses and removing enemy buffs to really rain on their parade. This helps Seele tear through enemies by stopping enemy buffs from slowing down her damage output. Natasha is then in your back pocket to provide healing support when needed and to generate energy the rest of the time. This is a high damage team comp that maximizes Seele’s ability to tear through enemies.

Seele – Tingyun – March 7th – Natasha

If you’re finding the first choice not quite defensive enough, adding a shielder into the mix might be just what you need. Swapping out Pela for March 7th enables you to cope with damage more effectively by adding her shielding. On top of that, March 7th’s ultimate ability to freeze enemies gives you more time to get damage in and avoid taking any. If you don’t have Tingyun yet, you can use Asta instead for a speed buff instead of the damage buffs, which works just as well.

Seele –  Clara – Bronya – Gepard

If you’ve been throwing stacks of cash down in Honkai: Star Rail, you can start building some pretty wild teams with Seele. In this case, Seele takes point for high single-target damage, Clara deals high multi-target damage, Bronya buffs Seele and Clara as needed, and Gepard provides strong shielding. This team is incredibly powerful and versatile enough to blast through most content currently in the game.

Seele – Tingyun – Bronya – Bailu

This team comp focuses on giga buffing Seele and keeping the team healthy thanks to Bailu’s awesome healing capabilities. The buffs from Tingyun and Bronya stack onto Seele to make her put out massive damage. You can also swap out Bailu for Natasha or a shielder if you prefer them over a healer.

Seele – Trailblazer (Fire) – Tingyun – Bailu

Best Seele Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail - Seele - Trailblazer (Fire) - Tingyun - Bailu

This is one of my personal favorite setups. You have Seele as the primary damage dealer, the Fire Trailblazer setting up shields and taunting enemies to attack them, Tingyun keeping Seele’s damage boosted at all times, and Bailu keeping everyone topped up on HP and generating energy. This team comp creates a solid defensive core with strong shielding and healing, as well as ensuring Seele is buffed and putting out enough damage to take down whatever you come up against. 

Those are the best team comps for Seele that we’ve been able to find so far in Honkai: Star Rail. Let us know which you prefer or if you’ve found another build for Seele that helps you to blast through the game’s content. We’d love to know!

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