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Is Seele Worth Trying to Pull in Honkai: Star Rail?

Is Seele worth trying to pull in the current character banner of Honkai: Star Rail?

If you’ve been playing Honkai: Star Rail, you’ve probably been eyeing up the character banners and thinking about adding new 5-star characters to your roster. Well, I lost to temptation and pulled Seele from the current event banner. Let’s take a look at if she was worth using up some of my hard earned Rail Passes for.

How Much Will Seele Cost to Pull?

Gacha games only give you so many resources and freebies to work with while rotating through character banners every few weeks. The design means you often don’t get enough resources to pick up every character for free, intending for you to spend real money on the game. If you’re trying to play Honkai: Star Rail on the cheap, you have to be selective on which characters you spend your free resources on.

With the game just launching, there have been a few ways to stack free Rail Passes and Stellar Jade as you play. You should have enough to pull a 5-star from the current character banner, but be aware that there’s only a 50% chance to get Seele on your first pull. Much like Genshin Impact’s Wishing system, you’re only guaranteed the 5-star character on your second pull. This means that if you have bad luck on your pulls, you could spend up to 180 Special Rail Passes to guarantee that you add Seele to your team.

With this in mind, you should be certain that you really want to add Seele to your roster, so make sure to do her Trial battle to see how she plays. I did this and absolutely loved her as a character. 

Is Seele Worth Spending Your Special Rail Passes on in Honkai: Star Rail?

Not only is Seele the top single-target-damage character in Honkai: Star Rail right now, but her abilities both look and sound amazing. I was lucky enough to nab Seele the first time around, and I’ve since built my entire team around her.

She is incredibly strong as is, but you can build a truly formidable team around supporting her and her damage-dealing capacity. I’ve been able to blast through Honkai: Star Rail’s tougher content with such a set-up. 

I have Seele up front dealing damage, with the fire version of the main character drawing aggro and shielding the team. Tingyun is dedicated to buffing Seele, and Bailu is on healing duty. Seele’s damage with Tingyun’s buffs is staggering, triggering her ultimate and follow-up attacks so often she ends up murdering entire enemy teams in a single turn.

You don’t even need to worry about the elemental shield; you can tackle any set of enemies with this Seele team comp by directly blasting down their HP because she can output enough damage to consistently do so. This is incredibly valuable as it means you can focus on investing your resources into a core team and don’t have to spread your precious leveling materials on more than four characters at a time.

I’ve found Seele absolutely worth trying to pull in Honkai: Star Rail. Make sure to tackle her Trial, and if you enjoy it and want to add the strongest single-target-damage character to your roster, you really can’t go wrong spending your Special Rail Passes on her. Let me know if you have good luck and manage to snag her before her event ends!

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