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Best Skills and Traits for Bouncer Background in Starfield


There are a whole host of different backgrounds that you can choose from when making your character in StarfieldThe backgrounds give some unique flair to your character, as well as providing some bonus starting skills that will help shape your build. In this guide we’ll be taking a look at the Bouncer background and what skills and traits are the best fit for building such a character in Starfield.

Best Skills and Traits to Use With the Bouncer Background in Starfield

The Bouncer background in Starfield is exactly what it sounds like. You’re a big, immovable object skilled in knocking back unwanted drunkards with your fists and fiercely guarding entrances. Here are you starting bonus skills as a Bouncer:

  • Boxing – You deal 25% more unarmed damage and use less O2 when performing a power attack. Think of O2 as the stamina system in Starfield.
  • Security – You can attempt to hack advanced locks. Two auto attempts can be banked.
  • Fitness – 10% more O2 available.

The best skills and traits for the Bouncer background in Starfield.

The Unarmed Melee Build

This setup gives you two points in the Physical skills and one point in Tech skills. The Bouncer background in Starfield has the right setup to create an awesome unarmed melee combat build. If you want to punch your way across the galaxy, consider building in to these traits and skills:


  • Alien DNA – Increased Health and Oxygen at the cost of lower healing. Makes you tankier at the cost of needing to use more healing. Once you have Rejuvenation as a skill, you won’t have to worry about the downside.

The best skills and traits for the Bouncer background in Starfield.

  • Extrovert – While traveling with a companion you use less Oxygen. Always more fun to explore with companions and using less Oxygen is amazing for this build.

The best skills and traits for the Bouncer background in Starfield.

  • Wanted – Deal more damage on low health. Quite often you’ll drop to low HP with a melee build. This trait lets you take advantage of that.

The best skills and traits for the Bouncer background in Starfield.


  • Wellness – Increase your max HP. You’re going to be dishing out and taking blows as a melee fighter so you’ll need to beef up.
  • Pain Tolerance – This decreases physical damage taken. Increasing this skill will help you come out on top close quarters.
  • Gymnastics – This unlocks the combat slide. I’d say this is essential to avoid gunfire and approaching enemies quickly. You also take less fall damage, which is nice.
  • Energy Weapon Dissipation – Reduces energy weapon damage taken. The more you can tank, the better.
  • Martial Arts – Essential to this build. This skill is all about scaling unarmed melee combat damage. It increases unarmed melee crit chance. At higher levels, you can also disarm enemies, take less damage, and even reflect damage. Yes that’s right: When you block you can reflect damage back to attackers. Now we’re one step closer to Chuck Norris.
  • Neurostrikes – Want to hit people so hard they can’t move and people in the vicinity get knocked to the floor? You need Neurostrikes. This skill is pretty wild and adds stuns and AOE crowd control to our punches.
  • Rejuvenation – When leveled up this skill allows you to regenerate health while IN COMBAT. With this one, you’re officially an unkillable punching machine.

Those are the best skills and traits for the Bouncer background in Starfield. With this build, I’d like to see anyone get past anything you’re guarding without getting punched into paste. Who needs weapons when you can use the two already attached to your body!

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