Here is a list of the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy for defeating enemies in heated combat and also taking advantage of stealth.

When dueling your way through Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be using a wide variety of spells, blending utility charms with damaging curses to win battles and defeat dark wizards and mythical monsters. And with such an array of spells to choose from, players will have a lot of unique ways to tackle enemies by blending skills and creating combos to maximize their battle efforts. So here are the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Best Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy Blend Tactical Control with High Power

While it’s easy to stack damage using deadly curses or massive areas-of-effect damaging output attacks, some of the best combinations in the game work together to give the player more control on the battlefield. Sometimes this will mean using stealth combos to stay safe while taking out enemies, and other times a good combo will be hoisting an enemy into the air before you blast them across the map.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of our favorite combos to use.

Levioso into Descendo

This combo turns your enemies into a crowd-control machine, by lifting an enemy and then slamming them down into the rest of their horde, as if you were dribbling them like a basketball through a group of enemies. You can also use this to toss them down holes or off cliffs. Keep in mind you can also sub in Depulso for Descendo if you want to toss them further away as well.

Accio into Incendio and then Depulso

This combo allows you to pull an enemy close with the Accio spell to maximize on the full power of Incendio, which has a notoriously short range. Once you’ve lit them up, use the Depulso spell to toss them back to a safe distance, or better yet, into an oncoming group of baddies as a flaming projectile. This combo can also become considerably better if you get the right talent upgrades.

Depulso and then Transformation

While players may not think of Transformation as a battle-heavy spell, being able to change high-powered enemies into a cup or a mouse can be tactically brilliant. Because you’ll need them at a distance to avoid getting hit while finishing a transformation spell, first use Depulso to secure that distance. Once they’ve been pushed back, then start the transformation spell to make the enemy significantly less dangerous in their new form. That makes it one of the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy.

Disillusionment and Petrificus Totalus

For those who are looking to utilize stealth to their advantage, using the Disillusionment spell will allow players to sneak into enemy encampments and take out baddies one by one by using the Petrificus Totalus spell. This can be one of the best and most overpowered spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy, especially if you level up your talent tree for a stealth character build. While it may not have the bombastic excitement of intense combat, there’s some solid satisfaction about subtly taking out enemies one by one.

Flipendo into Bombarda

This has been going around as a bit more of a meme combo, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t a hilarious delight to pull off. Using Flipendo will turn an enemy upside down and suspended in air. Once they’re vulnerable, cast Bombarda to sending them blasting off into oblivion. Sure, it’s silly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still effective!

Those are some of the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy! Be sure to let us know your favorite spell combinations in the comments!

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