Sons of the Forest Kelvin fishing

Sons of the Forest, like a lot of survival games, relies on you keeping yourself hydrated and fed. When it comes to the latter, there’s plenty of options — you can chow down on fish, breakfast cereal, even human flesh. But just what is the best way to get food in Sons of the Forest? Here’s the answer.

Like So Many Things in Sons of the Forest, Kelvin is the Answer. He Can Gift You With a Limitless Supply of Fish

Want to go hunting in Sons of the Forest? Go right ahead. Yes you can build a spear, but you can also run around swiping at deer with your axe. Or, if you’re near the beach, if you keep walking you’ll run into turtles which you can kill and harvest. You can also get pre-packaged food by rummaging through the suitcases, boxes, and so on you stumble across. It really is up to you. 

But the absolute best, least hassle way of getting food is to get someone else to do it for you. Specifically, Kelvin. Find a river, stream, or pond (the sea doesn’t work) and order Kelvin to get fish. There don’t need to be any fish in the river — Kelvin will still crouch by the river and magically produce a fish. 

Aside from lending credence to our Kelvin = Jesus theory, you’ll have an infinite supply of fish. You keep picking up the fish and eating them (you’ll get more energy if you cook them), Kelvin will keep pulling fish out. He might take the odd break from time to time, but he’ll keep on fishing until you tell him to stop. Or, if you’re not near a river but are in the forest, he can also pull the same trick with berries. 

But What if You Don’t Want to Rely on Kelvin? Or What if Kelvin’s Dead?

 If it’s the latter, resurrecting him is an option. As for finding your own food, the best two ways are a) shoving berries, flowers, and mushrooms into your face and b) setting an animal trap.

The first method just involves walking around the forest till you see some berries or white flowers. If they’re edible they’ll have a green Pac-Man style symbol on them and if they’re poisonous they have a red Pac-Man on them. If there’s a question mark you’re going to have to eat them to find out. 

You don’t get a lot of energy from berries, mushrooms, flowers and so on but there are so many you can rack up a lot of food energy very quickly. Plus, berries give you a little water so you’re hydrating yourself at the same time. 

As for an animal trap, you can build one using just sticks. In fact, we’d recommend you build several and put them in a grassy area, somewhere where you’ve seen animals such as rabbits roam about. 

Check in on the traps regularly and you should catch a squirrel, rabbit, or similar. Then, you can set the trap again. There’s no bait required so once you’ve crafted the traps there’s no cost in keeping them running.

So, on the topic of the best way to get food in Sons of the Forest, that’s what you need to know.

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