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Black Finger JET Is a Run-and-Gun Shooter from Original Metal Slug Devs

Black Finger Jet run and gun shooter game by original Metal Slug developers Akio Meeher Hiya! Esaka-Ken Shinano Ishiguro

Some action veterans and developers of the original Metal Slug game have reunited at Kohachi Studio, where they have announced a new run-and-gun shooter, tentatively titled Black Finger JET. The 2.5D action game is in early development, such that the studio is still staffing up on freelancers and searching for business partners. If you are a skilled pixel artist, 3D artist, 3D animator, Unity engineer, or Unity effect designer, you may want to reach out about remote freelancing at the Kohachi website.

Currently, Kohachi comprises the likes of main artist and planner Akio, producer Meeher, sound producer Hiya!, senior pixel artist Esaka-Ken, and director Shinano Ishiguro. Despite the fact that they released a teaser trailer, there is currently very little Black Finger JET to see. It’s mostly just cool glimpses of random art set to sweet saxophone music in a vaguely Cowboy Bebop manner. But right now? That’s good enough. After all, with Akio leading the artistic charge, this game is bound to be beautiful. Metal Slug featured some of the most gorgeous and intricate pixel art ever seen, and some of that will surely carry over to this new title, even if it’s using some 3D assets this time.

Gameplay-wise, it sounds pretty traditional for a run-and-gun, with eight-directional aiming. Additionally, “Depending on the situation, use various guns such as handguns, machine guns, shotguns, and sometimes ride the proud vehicle ‘JET car’ and defeat the enemies that rush!” Your JET car can also turn into an airplane or submarine as needed for good measure.

Black Finger JET is headed to PC via Steam, with “other platforms under consideration.”

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