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Tiny Thor Has Mesmerizing Art & Innovative Hammer-Chucking in New Trailer

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When it comes to 2D platformers, you typically know what you’re in for — running, jumping, bopping. However, Tiny Thor from developer Asylum Square has a bit of honest-to-goodness innovation with its hammer-throwing / ricochet mechanic, which can be used not just for dispatching enemies but also for exploration and solving puzzles. It’s a great concept that the developer has been working on for a few years now, and a new Tiny Thor gameplay trailer shows just how far the beautiful pixel art and game design have come.

The game isn’t too heavy on plot, and it doesn’t need to be. The point is just to go on an adventure while chucking a hammer at things, and the Tiny Thor gameplay trailer really sells all of that. The game encourages you to get creative with trickshots using the Mjolnir hammer, and you can freely aim your throws for the precise kind of ricochet you want. A variety of environments with different obstacles and enemies likewise encourage you to think about how to use your hammer in different ways. I actually interviewed Asylum Square about the game a couple years back, if you’re interested in hearing more about how Tiny Thor reached its current point.

Tiny Thor will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store in summer 2023. It also has a demo available on Steam. Keep this one on your radar if you love a great platformer.

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