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The Indie World Showcase has officially ended. And as expected, there was no Hollow Knight: Silksong. It wasn’t all disappointing news, however. Sports Story is now confirmed to be launching in December. In addition, the beautiful Blanc now has a release date on Nintendo Switch: The black-and-white co-op adventure, which is completely hand-drawn on paper in 2D before coming to life in 3D, will appear as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive on February 14, 2023. That’s Valentine’s Day!

Check out some new footage of Blanc below from Gearbox Publishing and developer Casus Ludi:

Can you even fathom this beauty? It’s like a drawing coming to life.

This journey will see a wolf cub and a fawn work together after a sudden snowstorm affects their environment. The title will make use of co-op, either online or offline, as players solve puzzles together and attempt to reunite these animals with their respective families. There is no text to speak of, meaning gamers must use visual cues to figure out the story.

The period to preorder Blanc ahead of its release date begins today on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This game certainly looks like my cup of tea, and I’d love to play it with my partner or friends. Although I will be upset if the ending turns out to be a The Fox and the Hound-like situation. My heart can’t take it.

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