Bloodborne Kart is another PS1 style fan project kart racer from Bloodborne PSX developer Lilith Walther

After releasing her fascinating demake, Bloodborne PSX, creator Lilith Walther has moved on to her next masterpiece: Bloodborne Kart. This exactly-what-it-sounds-like kart racer is promised to be another PlayStation 1-style fan project — just with a hint of Mario Kart thrown in for good measure. Walther announced the project yesterday evening to help celebrate the seventh anniversary of Bloodborne’s launch on PlayStation 4.

The creator says Bloodborne Kart won’t launch until it’s ready, but you can catch a teaser video below.

You might be asking yourself, “What will Bloodborne Kart look like?” However, Walther posted footage of such a project last year as part of an April Fools’ Day joke. A kart racer based on Bloodborne was just a prank at the time, but that didn’t make the footage any less compelling. Now it might actually offer a tease of what’s to come.

Walther’s announcement follows from the launch of Bloodborne PSX in January, which garnered massive attention thanks to the way it mixed old-school graphics with FromSoftware’s 2015 Victorian-era action RPG. Bloodborne PSX is available for free on and offers a bite-sized take on Yharnam, giving players access to 10 hunter weapons to use against enemies.

Bloodborne PSX was too good to pass up, so The Escapist crew took some time to see everything it has to offer. How Walther plans to make Bloodborne Kart just as interesting remains to be seen, but stay tuned for more information.

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