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Bloodborne PSX, a fan-made demake that turns FromSoftware’s classic into a PlayStation 1-era video game, is out now on PC via It’s been in development by developer Lilith Walther for 13 months and takes players on a polygonal journey through the Victorian city of Yharnam. Though Bloodborne PSX does not offer the full version of the original PlayStation story, the fun experiment is more than worth a look for those seeking a unique distraction.

Players can utilize 10 unique hunter weapons to engage in the project’s Strategic Action Combat system. In other words, expect to dodge, parry, and transform weapons just as you have in FromSoftware’s Victorian action RPG. Accompanying the nostalgic release is a launch trailer that shows off some of the fun reimaginings of classic bosses and enemies.

Bloodborne PSX is a project with lots of love packed into its development, but it also happens to be one of the closest things fans have to a PC version of FromSoftware’s gaming nightmare. Despite numerous rumors of a potential PC port popping up through the years, there’s still no official version in sight. However, if Bloodborne PSX doesn’t do the trick, you can always check out Max Mraz’s 16-bit demake, which gives Bloodborne Zelda-like gameplay and cuter visuals.

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