Max Mraz interview Yarntown Bloodborne, FromSoftware, 16 bit

Yarntown is a Zelda-inspired take on Bloodborne that you can download for free on right now. Creator Max Mraz posted their work on Twitter, where it swiftly went viral. Mraz accurately describes the project as “super cute,” even if it does take place in one of FromSoftware’s most nightmarish worlds. Despite many rumors, Bloodborne has only ever released on one platform, so hopefully this 16-bit version will help PC players quench their thirst.

It turns out Mraz has been working on the project for a little while now; the creator first shared a short clip of Yarntown in May of this year. Though it’s not nearly as long, difficult, or intricate, the reimagining serves its purpose as an experimental love letter. This pixelated version of FromSoftware’s Lovecraftian starting area is almost an exact replica, with players able to enter Hunter’s Dream and travel all the way to fight Father Gascoigne. YouTube creator ezez game uploaded a full playthrough of the half-hour game, showing off all it has to offer.

Mraz is hard at work on another Zelda-like indie game called Ocean’s Heart, which seems to be where the foundation for Yarntown comes from, so it’s probably for the best to not hold out hope for a full, 16-bit remake of Bloodborne.


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