Can You Turn Down the Difficulty in Armored Core 6?

A new FromSoftware game means the return of a time-honored tradition amongst gamers — arguing about whether there should be various difficulty settings in a video game. Given that FromSoft releases like Bloodborne and Dark Souls often ramp up the difficulty to an almost sinister level, it’s a worthy debate. The release of Armored Core 6 by the storied developer has fans wondering yet again if they can limit their emotional pain while playing and turn down the difficulty.

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I like a good challenge, but dialing down the difficulty is sometimes nice. It can be fun to enjoy simply spending time in a video game world and soaking up the story. In the past, FromSoftware has clearly disagreed with me on this, as all of their games have had one difficulty setting. As a result, we’re forced to “get good” or suffer endless humiliation at the hands of virtual enemies.

Armored Core 6 Difficulty Settings

Armored Core 6 mech

Like other FromSoftware games, Armored Core 6 has just one difficulty setting. However, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon has features that indirectly allow players to play with difficulty. According to the developers, it’s all about how you customize your mechs with different skills and gear.

Armored Core 6 allows players to change out their mech’s loadout every time they retry a fight after dying. While that isn’t a direct way to adjust the difficulty, players can make a fight much easier or more complex with specific loadouts. The real difficulty slider in the game is how well you can adapt as you play through the game. Armored Core 6 requires constant gear swaps to adjust to different situations and environments, so there is some control over how hard the experience will be.

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