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Can You Upgrade Your Boosts in Armored Core 6?

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Gliding and flying around Rubicon in your AC feels amazing in Armored Core 6. You get an excellent sense of speed, and it’s fun to skate around enemies gunning them down. Can you improve those thrusters for some better boosting action, though? Here are your options for increasing your boost capabilities in Armored Core 6.

How to Improve Boost Speed in Armored Core 6

Completing missions to earn currency and buy new parts is at the core of Armored Core 6‘s gameplay. It’s with these new parts that you can customize your Armored Core and improve your boost stat. I’ve found it to be, in general, that lighter parts result in increased boost speed. So the heavier your AC is, the less boost speed you’ll be able to rack up. The lighter your AC, the more boost speed you’ll be able to add on. This means that if you build a nice, light weight AC, you’ll have the best maneuverability and the fastest boost speeds. If you have a lower Energy Load as well, you’ll be able to use more of it for boosting for a better boost duration.

A menu from Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon showing options for improving boosts.

Don’t forget that building your AC for boost speed and agility means you’re missing out on AP, so you’ll be able to take less damage. You’ll also not be able to use too many heavier weapons, so you’d have to sacrifice some damage for the better boost speeds as well.

That’s how you can upgrade your boosts in Armored Core 6. Buying and using the right parts will increase your boost speed as you build up your AC. Just don’t compromise too much, or it will feel like you’re flying a glass AC that just tickles enemies!

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