Zero gravity is a magnificent thing and does indeed exist in the Dead Space remake, so here is an answer to if you can fly in the game.

The Dead Space remake’s USG Ishimura is a little roomier than the original game’s planet cracker. Chances are you’ve seen the video where, demonstrating how big the hangar is, Isaac takes to the air. But is that in the final game? Can you fly in the Dead Space remake?

You Can Fly in the Dead Space Remake, but Only in Zero Gravity and When the Game Lets You

Protagonist Isaac Clarke now has jet boots that he can use to fly around. He uses it to negotiate zero-gravity areas, such as the centrifuge and other places where the ship has ripped open.

This acts as a replacement for the original’s magnetic boots, which you could turn on and off in those areas. So, instead of walking around the walls of a room, you take to the air and fly around, using boosters to give yourself an extra bit of speed.

We’re not entirely sure which we prefer. Yes, jet boots are cool, but we also liked the original’s approach. And seamlessly leaping from surface to surface never got old. Still, you do get to fly around the whole of the Ishimura’s primary hangar. It does help impress on you just how large the ship is.

So what’s the catch? Firstly, you can only fly when the game lets you. For a start, the buttons you tap to take to the air don’t work outside zero-G areas, which does, on reflection, make sense. Isaac’s boots will only be powerful enough to give him a push in low gravity.

Secondly, you only get to fly around the hangar when the outer doors are opened by one of the characters. If you return there later, the outer doors are sealed and gravity is back. The centrifuge room is similar — once you’ve activated the centrifuge, there’s no more flying around for you.

So, yes, you can fly in the Dead Space remake, but only in certain low-gravity areas.

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