Here is the answer to if the Dead Space remake from EA Motive is open-world, since the game has been modernized and enhanced so much.

The new Dead Space isn’t just a remaster — it’s a remake, built from the ground up. So, in improving on the 2008 original, has EA Motive granted you more freedom to roam? Here is the answer to if the Dead Space remake is open-world.

The Dead Space Remake Isn’t an Open-World Game, but It’s Slightly Less Linear Than the Original

The fact that you’re roaming a starship makes it a little trickier to wander off and do your own thing. Plus, your limited oxygen supply means that jetting off into space is not an option. Also, the story objectives that you’re given are, as in the original, linear. You can’t dash between NPCs, choosing whichever mission strand you want to follow. So, in that sense, the remake is not open-world.

However, you do have more freedom than in the original Dead Space. In 2008’s Dead Space, once you hopped on a tram, that was it — you were locked into the next area. However, in the Dead Space remake you can actually go back, all the way to the landing hanger.

There’s also a reason to actually do that, other than just sight-seeing. There are some doors you may have been unable to open because you don’t have the right security clearance. Once you’ve got that clearance, you can go back and see what’s inside. Sometimes there are goodies to be found, while other times there are side missions to undertake, which in turn can yield more Dead Space lore.

So, no, the Dead Space remake isn’t open-world, but for the most part, it lets you backtrack at your leisure.

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