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Can You Make More Than One Character in Street Fighter 6?

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Street Fighter 6’s World Tour and Battle Hub modes have you making your own character, completely from scratch. You don’t have to be Ryu, Cammy, or Luke — you can craft your own fighter. But what if you want a few brawlers on the go? If you’re wondering if you can make more than one character in Street Fighter 6, here’s the answer.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Making More Than One Character in Street Fighter 6

You cannot make more than one character in Street Fighter 6. Even if you go to World Tour mode and start all over again, you’re erasing your previous character’s progress. There is no option to have multiple save slots, with multiple characters at different points along their World Tour journey.

What you can do is switch between character appearances or “recipes.” To do this in World Tour mode you’ll need to have played the game enough to accumulate 1,000 Zenny because that’s what it’s going to cost. 

Here’s How to Switch Between Character Recipes 

Then, head to the beauty salon across from where you start and head inside. You’ll be back at the character or “avatar” creator. Go all the way to the right, to the recipe tab. Go to save/load and save your current avatar recipe. 

Now you can create a new character or you can download recipes. Click here for our list of the best recipes to download. Whether you’re making little tweaks or redoing your whole character, it’s going to cost you 1,000 Zenny to make the switch. 

There are twelve slots where you can save a character/avatar recipe. But if you exit the salon and confirm the change in your character’s appearance it’s going to cost you 1,000 Zenny.

So you can’t make more than one character in Street Fighter 6 but you can store multiple appearances which you can switch between in-game. For more answers to your Street Fighter 6 questions, check out more of our guides here.

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