Wild Hearts boar and hunter

Monster Hunter fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of new “battle giant critters” title Wild Hearts, noting its more nuanced take on the genre. Wild Hearts offers intricate trap systems, and a more naturalistic look at the giant creatures and their role in the world’s ecosystem. With creatures like the Kemono — a wide variety of creatures ranging from soft to deadly that populate the world of Azuma — Wild Hearts boasts a number of fauna that simply exist in nature and aren’t inherently violent or needing to be killed. But does this sweet look at nature mean you can pet the animals?

You Can Pet Animals Called Kemono in Wild Hearts

While Wild Hearts won’t let you get as close and cuddly with the world’s larger feisty predators, players will be able to pet the gentler Kemono in game. But rather than being a simple cozy feature, this mechanic adds considerable depth to player choice, as gamers will also be faced with the difficulty of having to occasionally cull sections of the Kemono population for resources, food, and general protection of the environment.

This makes petting the Kemono and interacting with them in a gentle and kind way all the more special, because it is more than a simple act of comfort, but instead a direct choice to respect the natural world of Azuma. 

And that’s the answer to whether you can pet animals in Wild Hearts

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