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Can You Play as the Vampires in Redfall?

Here is the answer to whether you can play as the vampires in Redfall from Arkane, in general or in a versus mode.

Redfall is all about dispatching vampires, freeing the titular town from the grip of the bloodsucking menaces. But what if you feel like being a bloodsucking menace? Here is the answer to whether you can play as the vampires in Redfall, in general or in a versus mode.

Does Redfall Have a Versus Mode That Lets You Play as the Vampires?

Redfall lets you play as the vampire hunters, but there’s no versus mode where you play as the vampires or their minions. There’s only co-op mode (supporting up to four players) or solo mode. So if you were hoping to see how the other half unlives, that’s not an option. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it is a bit of a shame.

Why? Because Left 4 Dead, one of the best co-op horror games of all time, featured a versus mode where you played as the infected. It was absolutely amazing. Even if you weren’t playing as the infected, just knowing that there was a real human in charge of the special infected elevated those matches.

Back 4 Blood didn’t feature a versus mode, and Redfall, which features a similar premise but with vampires, doesn’t either. We’ve got our fingers crossed that one will be added in later, but for now, you can’t play as the fanged menace in Redfall.

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