Can You Play Redfall in Single Player?

Can You Play Redfall in Single Player?

Like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood before it, Redfall has been marketed as a co-op experience. You and three other brave vampire slayers will join forces to take on the undead (and their minions) and free the small town of Redfall, Massachusetts. But what if you feel like some solo vampire-busting? Want to know if you can play Redfall in single player? Here’s the answer.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Playing Redfall Solo.

You can play Redfall in single-player mode, and the game does factor in that you’re playing the game alone. Mostly. So far, we’ve had our character talk in the third person about needing medical kits, even though it’s just them and their robot. 

It’s particularly odd when contrasted against other games of its ilk. For example, Left 4 Dead starts off with the computer controlling the three other survivors, but there are no AI teammates to contend with here. Instead, it’s just you against the cultists and vampires. 

So How Do You Start a Single-Player Game?

You have to launch the game as normal, but when given the choice of “host game” or “play game” you choose the second option. You’re still, essentially, hosting a game, but you’re the only player. 

It’s the kind of thing we used to do when we wanted to test out an FPS map (minus the vampires). Don’t worry about feeling underpowered, though. You can still pistol whip cultists to your heart’s content. 

On the subject of can you play Redfall in single player mode, that’s all you need to know. And if you’re wondering if it’s possible to fully offline, we’ve got the answer to that question too.

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