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Is Redfall, Massachusetts a Real Place?

Redfall is set in Massachusetts, but is this city a real place in real life? Here's what you need to know about the town of Redfall.

Between a steady stream of trailers and events like Xbox & Bethesda Developer Directs, developer Arkane Austin really sells that Redfall is an open-world co-op FPS that can bring both thrills and chills. Promotional materials like to cast a spotlight on the titular town of Redfall, Massachusetts, with plenty of action sprinkled throughout. Since the game takes place in a real state in the US, players have wondered if Redfall, Massachusetts is, in fact, a real place.

Here’s what you need to know about the town of Redfall, MA.

The Truth of Whether Redfall, Massachusetts Is a Real Place

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Redfall is not a real place. You can’t go there in real life and experience a vampire invasion, which is probably for the best. The town itself no doubt draws inspiration from many places within Massachusetts, such as the greenery and aesthetic, but the entire city is fictional — designed for the game itself.

In it, you tackle waves of vampires, with gameplay reminiscent of Left 4 Dead. You get to choose from four different survivors, each with their own unique abilities to help you take down your blood-sucking foes. Along the way, you navigate the streets of Redfall, while hopefully outliving your enemies.

Redfall is available on Xbox Series X | S and PC as of May 2, 2023, and now you know that the town is not a real place in Massachusetts.

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