Here is the full answer to whether you can save multiple game saves in Sons of the Forest, whether single-player or multiplayer - yes

Sons of the Forest has players trekking across an island full of mutant zombies and other monstrosities, all while building a safe base of operations and hunting and gathering key resources like food, water, and medicines. But with so many ways to be killed, as well as a variety of ways to build bases of operations, many fans wonder if they can try out different options or if they are stuck with their one save file. So can you save multiple game saves in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, Players Have the Option to Use Multiple Game Saves in Sons of the Forest

For players looking to play a solo game separate from their hosted game with friends, or let a roommate play on another save file, they are in luck. With plenty of save file options, players won’t have any trouble trying to decide if they want to start fresh and lose all their progress, instead being able to just open a new save file for their next adventure. The feature also extends to multiplayer, which is a nice touch.

Keep in mind that, in order to save your file in the first place, you’ll need to complete at least a portion of your shelter. You can construct a primitive tent or a more permanent structure, but after you’ve done so, there should be a save icon over the encampment. Just click on it or press the correlating button and your game will save. And remember, you can get the crafting recipes for these structures in your construction book.

That answers if you can save multiple game saves in Sons of the Forest. We also have primers for whether the Endnight game supports controllers and VR.

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