If are you wondering if Sons of the Forest does or does not have controller support and to what extent, here is the full, great answer.

As a PC game, Sons of the Forest naturally has full mouse and keyboard support, and if you want to play it that way, that’s fine. But what about using a controller? Maybe you want to chill out on the sofa and play this (currently) PC-exclusive game on a big-screen TV. So you might be wondering if Sons of the Forest has controller support — here is the full answer.

Sons of the Forest Has Full Controller Support

Sons of the Forest does have full controller support, meaning that if you’ve got a Steam-compatible controller, you can play the game with a controller / joypad. That, in turn, leads to another question… can you really play Sons of the Forest with a controller?

We’ve seen plenty of games that seem to support controllers, but the further you get into the game, the more you find yourself reaching for the keyboard. Sometimes there are features that can only be accessed via certain keyboard presses.

Well, we’re happy to report that’s not the case with Sons of the Forest. We’ve thoroughly tested this and can confirm that it’s easy to play the game with the controller. You’ll have to memorize which button press does what or check regularly in the Settings menu, but everything, crafting included, can be done with a controller.

Is There a Disadvantage to Playing Sons of the Forest with a Controller?

There’s nothing particularly awkward about using a controller to play Sons of the Forest, though using a mouse gives you a little more accuracy. We’re not going to delve into the mouse-versus-controller debate here, but you’re not going to be at a big disadvantage by using a controller.

So yes, Sons of the Forest has controller support, and it works great.

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