Here is the answer to if you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy, since there seems to be so much water and lakes to explore this time.

While swimming isn’t involved in the majority of classic Harry Potter adventures, series fans still recall memorable water-themed moments on the Hogwarts campus. Hogwarts’ Great Lake is not only home to the second challenge in the Triwizard Cup, but also the initial vantage point first-years have of the iconic castle. And for fans with deep lore knowledge, it’s also home to the books’ friendly and lazy giant squid. So with a lake filled with proud mermaids, vicious Grindylows, and other exciting subnautical things to discover, you might wonder if you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy and have the chance to take to the water to explore the depths. Here’s the answer.

You Can Swim in Hogwarts Legacy and Even Dive in Select Locations

Luckily for fans, the Great Lake is explorable, giving your witch or wizard the chance to swim across and engage in some underwater sidequests as well. The lake has plenty of loot and special items that players can breaststroke their way towards.

And in the “Lost Astrolabe” sidequest, players will have to track down Pinch-Smedley family secrets and more in one of the game’s other bodies of water, the Black Lake. It’s in this sidequest where players will first be taught how to dive underwater.

For those looking to spend less time in searching in the water and more time grabbing key items and loot, you are also able to scout lake locations for divable spots by riding your Hippogriff or broom over the lake and grabbing them from the air.

But however you tackle water in Hogwarts Legacy, know that you can swim in the game.

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