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Can You Unlock Street Fighter 6 Rashid for Free?

can you unlock Street Fighter 6 Rashid for free answer no have to pay money

Street Fighter 6’s first DLC character is Rashid. Previously seen in Street Fighter V, he’s one of many to join the one-on-one brawler over time. But can you get him without paying a single penny? If you want to know if you can unlock Rashid for free in Street Fighter 6, I’ve got the answer.

How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6

To unlock Rashid, you need to pay real money. You can either buy the digital character pass from storefronts for Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc., or you can spend 350 Fighter Coins in-game. Like the character pass, Fighter Coins are bought with real money. There’s absolutely no way of getting the character for free.

Isn’t that always the way with DLC fighters? Actually, no. Street Fighter V let you unlock characters using an in-game currency that you could earn by completing challenges. It was a bit of a grind, but you could unlock all characters for free if you wanted. In practice, I just chose a few characters in Street Fighter V I wanted to play as and put in enough time to unlock them. So, while you could argue that “time = money,” I essentially got them for free.

You can earn Drive Tickets, but those can only be used for certain rewards — and characters are not included. So if you were wondering if you can unlock Rashid for free in Street Fighter 6, the answer is you can’t — you have to spend money. And that’s all you need to know about that.

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