This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Card Shark and Postal: Brain Damaged.

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What is it with the indie sphere and card games these days? A few noteworthy card battlers come and go and now tabletop chic appears to be in. Like with last week’s Neon White presenting all its guns as cards even though the only way a tabletop would get anywhere near that game is if it was being used as a vaulting horse. I just feel there’s something inherently fucked about the concept of card battling video games. Card games and board games were invented because someone wanted to imagine a big awesome fight between two scary dragons and cards were the best solution available at the time to visualize that. But now we actually have the technology to visualize an actual big awesome fight between two scary dragons and we’re using it to depict the fucking cards. It’s like using a vacuum cleaner to scare off the family pets while you lick the carpet clean. And things reached a new zenith of weirdness last week when I played Card Shark, a new indie game about card games where you don’t actually play any card games. I assumed you did from the way the Steam page described it, which is why I was a little hesitant to try it. I got my fill of video poker mashing the quickload button in the first Leisure Suit Larry game.

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