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Read Article Biomutant Is an Evolutionary Dead End
Biomutant is an unfocused failure that tries to be every genre at Experiment 101, an evolutionary dead end.
Read Article Dying Light: The Following Ends the Dying Light Story for Good
Dying Light: The Following is final story narrative ending end to Dying Light 1
Read Article A Plague Tale: Innocence Can’t Decide If It’s Prestige or Horror
A Plague Tale: Innocence tries, fails to be prestige and survival horror at Focus Entertainment Asobo Studio, maybe Requiem can improve
Read Article Is Aliens: Fireteam Elite a Dead Game Walking?
Aliens: Fireteam Elite dead game no updates weak player base limited variety repetition Cold Iron Studios
Read Article Fast & Furious Crossroads Is a Colossal Mess That You Just Might Love
Fast & Furious Crossroads Second Look Slightly Mad Studios colossal mess but bad in a fun good way
Read Article The Brilliance of Quake Is Eternal
second look quake id software remaster excellent classic eternal thanks to brilliant design and long-term official mod support, Trenchbroom
Read Article Mass Effect 1 Has Aged Worse Than Andromeda
Mass Effect 1 aged worse than Mass Effect: Andromeda BioWare ambition skills evolve
Read Article In Mass Effect 2, You’re the Editor, Not the Writer of Your Own Story
BioWare Mass Effect 2 lack of choice in series editor not writer of Shepard, choice in tone, feeling, character attitudes, not core story outcome
Read Article Orcs Must Die 3 Is Everything Fans Have Spent Nine Years Waiting For
Orcs Must Die 3 Robot Entertainment what fans wanted and waited for on Steam, leaving Stadia with Drastic Steps DLC expansion
Read Article Of Orcs and Men Is Shrek Meets Dragon Age
Of Orcs and Men great CRPG Shrek Dragon Age Spiders Cyanide Studio


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