Remedy Entertainment has today provided the first details and trailer for the upcoming Control expansion The Foundation.

The new content takes protagonist Jesse Faden down to the bedrock of the Oldest House to deal with the incursion of the Astral Plane into the building. Jesse must find a way to stop the spread or risk destruction of the Bureau of Control.

Remedy promises that the expansion will explore the history of the Oldest House, which Escapist’s Sean Kelly suggests was already hinted at in one of the game’s most memorable sequences.

Within the new area, players will find new side missions, abilities, and enemies. Details on those additions are slim, though the trailer shows one potential ability, as Jesse pulls spikes and platforms out of the walls.

The Foundation will launch first on PC and PlayStation 4 on March 26, while Xbox One owners have to wait until June 25.

The new content will be available for $14.99. Season pass owners will receive it for free, alongside the forthcoming AWE expansion, which is currently slated to arrive in late summer.

Control launched towards the end of last year, picking up multiple Game of the Year nominations. Jesse Galena called Control “an easy game to recommend to anyone looking for solid action or an intriguing story” in his 3 minute review.

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