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Crossroads Is a Supernatural Co-op Action Game Set in the Countryside

Crossroads action game cooperative co-op multiplayer supernatural Piece of Cake Studios

Developer Piece of Cake Studios has announced Crossroads, a cooperative multiplayer action game with supernatural elements. No release window or platforms have been announced yet, but some first details are available via Gematsu. The premise of the game is that you join the “Brotherhood” to hunt deadly monsters in battles fought across the American countryside. Malevolent forces have summoned creatures like demons, vampires, and werewolves through portals, and regular people have evacuated to quarantine zones to stay alive. Only the Brotherhood is equipped to repel these monsters.

Crossroads is described as “pre-apocalyptic,” which sounds like a fancy way of saying that you’re trying to stop the apocalypse. Players will play alone or together in diverse environments across the US, ranging from “haunted cornfields” to a “vampire nest,” but concrete details about how it will play have not been provided yet. There will be some gigantic monsters to fight though, called Primals.

The Crossroads reveal teaser trailer delivers exactly what it promises: teases of a game. There is no real gameplay, just lots of glimpses of precarious situations involving hunters battling horrendous creatures. However, Piece of Cake Studios is French, so it will be intriguing to see how a French studio interprets the American countryside — especially when it involves monsters.

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