Dad by the Sword

Gamers have a lot of variety to choose from these days. If one is feeling retro, one can play nostalgic emulated titles. Or they can even try something new from a celebrated game studio. And if they feel like they want to be part of getting a game made, they can utilize Kickstarter. Such is the case with Dad by the Sword, an inventive title from Rocketcat Games that sees a father use a dynamic slicing system to tear up foes.

Have a glimpse at the unique adventure below:

It’s like Fruit Ninja, except you are slicing hot dog monsters and kicking them into spike traps. Also, you can operate other accessories with your free hand, like shields and air horns. This actually looks highly amusing.

He’s a cut ahead of the pack

The Dad by the Sword Kickstarter page highlights several features of this unique game:

  • Randomly generated dungeons for new battles every time you play
  • Pray at Dad Altars to gain character modifying Dad Perks (AKA “DERKS”)
  • Find Dadccessories that give you wondrous new abilities, such as the powerful Airhorn, a magically growing Bowling Ball, or a superpowered Lawnmower
  • Lots of unusual weapons with different stats and possible special moves
  • Expressive kicking system that rewards player creativity, along with a variety of dad-approved shoes that customize your kick abilities
  • Unlock new Dad Classes with their own starter weapons, perks, abilities and styles of jean shorts AKA jorts
  • “It’s Dark Messiah meets Skyward Sword meets your dad meets Spelunky” — Quote from some prestigious video game guy
  • A large amount of dad puns

All in all, Dad by the Sword looks like an intriguing concept. I especially enjoy seeing a variety of weapons at your disposal, and having dad puns automatically moves it up a few points in my book. You can play a demo for the game right now via Steam.

Dad by the Sword will launch on Steam on June 15, 2023.

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