DC Backs Down on Proposed Batman Price Hike


After some coercing from writer Scott Snyder, DC Comics is ending plans to raise the single issue price of Batman to $4.99.

You may recall from a few days back that current Batman writer Scott Snyder had gone to bat for comic readers over DC’s plans to raise the book’s single issue price from $3.99 to $4.99. This would have made it easily one of the priciest regular comics on the market, something Snyder wasn’t happy about and wanted reversed. Well, it would seem that his opinion had some traction with the famed publisher as DC has now announced that Batman will be returning to its previous price point of $3.99 and issue.

DC announced the decision to re-lower the price in a release to retailers stating that the $3.99 price point would be again be the standard after issue 35. It also affirmed that it would be continuing forward with plans to increase the book’s page count to 40 pages each, 30 of which will be dedicated to plot. Snyder himself would make an additional statement on his Twitter feed, announcing the freshly lowered price to his followers.

“[DC Comics] has agreed to return the price of BATMAN to $3.99 following #35,” he Tweeted. “VERY grateful! Go thank them!”

According to reports DC was unable to lower the price for issue 35 on account of the fact that it was already printed when Snyder first his complained about the price hike. Either way, this is still a considerable victory for Snyder and comic fans who already pay an arm and a leg to keep up with their favorite series.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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