Dead Space remake gameplay first 18 minutes EA Motive Studio

EA and Motive Studio will release the Dead Space remake next month. There is even a fancy Limited Run collector’s edition that is still open for preorder. Gamers are excited to take on the role of Isaac Clarke once again, especially now that the spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol has had some missteps. For those who want to see some footage before its January 27, 2023 launch, IGN has aired the first 18 minutes of Dead Space remake gameplay on its YouTube channel.

Take a look at the re-envisioned Dead Space below:

Nicole now looks like the mom from Home Alone. In addition to that, we get to hear Isaac speak. Isaac had a voice actor for Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 but was mute in the original. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the whole disaster occurring on the USG Ishimura in real time. Plus, it is the same VA as before, Gunner Wright.

Other than the expanded dialog due to Isaac talking, fans get a great look at the remake’s lighting, graphics, and sound, which are all fantastic. Classic moments like the elevator Necromorph and Plasma Cutter reveal are present and accounted for, as well, though we should expect some new surprises too.

All in all, the Dead Space remake and its first 18 minutes of gameplay look wonderful. I hope the title lives up to or even surpasses the original, so we can get a remake of the awesome Dead Space 2 next. Imagine that insane intro on modern consoles!

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