Deathloop from Arkane Studios Has Been Delayed to Next Year PlayStation 5 PC

Arkane Studios, the studio behind Dishonored and Prey (2017), has announced that it will be delaying its new PlayStation 5 and PC title Deathloop to 2021.

Arkane Lyon is leading the development of the game and explained that the shift in workplace styles due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact: “As we’ve adjusted to work-from-home, we found that delivering this new and exciting experience, at the polish and quality level that defines both an Arkane game and a true next-gen experience, is taking longer than normal.”

As the letter notes, more updates will be shared soon despite the delay. There are several events where Arkane could reveal more information regarding the game. Bethesda and id Software are showing off Doom Eternal‘s first campaign DLC at Gamescom 2020. Since Deathloop is being published by Bethesda, it’s at least possible that it could appear during that event.

Deathloop is confirmed as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5, as the game appeared in Sony’s PS5 event back in June. If another State of Play presentation is coming up in the near future, the title could potentially be shown there as well.

Deathloop was revealed at E3 2019 and was originally planned to launch holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PC, but it will now release Q2 2021.

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