Discover an Extremely Precious Blood Gem and Earn a Trophy in Bloodborne

Improve your Trick Weapons and unlock a tough trophy using the tips on our Blood Gem Master guide for Bloodborne.

High level blood gems are exclusively available in Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons. That means you won’t unlock this trophy is your hunter only explores the city of Yharnam and it’s surroundings. No, you’re going to have to delve into the ancient tombs below the city to earn the “Blood Gem Master” trophy. The dungeons are randomly generated, but we’ve got instructions explaining how to get a Rank 15 gem every single time without fail.

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Blood Gem Master Trophy Guide

To earn the “Blood Gem Master” trophy in Bloodborne, a Rank 15 or higher blood gem must be acquired.

Blood gems are special upgrade items that are slotted into Trick Weapons or Firearms to incur special bonuses. Some increase damage, while others provide Arcane, Bolt, or fire elements to attacks.

There are several types of blood gem categories. Each type fits into specified slots on left or right hand weapons — only droplet blood gems can be fitted to any slot.

Rank 15 blood gems are extremely rare, but will spawn in Chalice Dungeons. Search Ailing Loran or Great Isz for a greater chance of finding random drop Rank 15 blood gems — any Depth 4 or 5 dungeon is likely to work.

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Guaranteed Rank 15 Blood Gem Location

Follow the steps below for a guaranteed “precious” blood gem.

1. Open an Ailing Loran Chalice Glyph with this code: pk3um258*
2. Defeat the Layer 1 boss, the Beast-possessed Soul. He will always drop a “Fire Damp Blood Gem (5)”
3. The trophy will unlock! Need help opening up Ailing Loran? Keep scrolling.

How to Get the Ailing Loran Chalice & Collect Materials

The Ailing Loran Chalice is dropped by the optional Amygdala boss in the Nightmare Frontier. To reach this frightening area, defeat Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward. Once she’s defeated, enter the Forbidden Woods, then return to the Grand Cathedral lamp.

From the Grand Cathedral lamp, go down the stairs to the left and enter the pavilion guarded by two hunters. Defeat them, then talk to the red lamp doors. They’ll offer a unique item called the “Tonsil Stone”.

Take the stone further down this path to an old church past executioners and mob armed with guns. Inside the chapel, a blue light passes by the doors. Step into the light.

If you have the Tonsil Stone, you’ll appear in the Lecture Hall 1F. Leave through the double doors at the end of the hallway to enter the Nightmare Frontier.

Travel down and around the area to defeat Amygdala, who drops the Ailing Loran Chalice. This chalice requires; 9 Ritual Cold Blood (4), 4 Coldblood Flowerbuds, and 5500 Blood Echoes.

Ritual Cold Blood (4) is found in pre-Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeons. Lower Pthumeru or the Hintertombs will work. Explore side-rooms and optional paths to find treasure chambers with extra molds and materials.

Coldblood Flowerbuds are found in the Nightmare Frontier itself. Search the islands in the poison swamp guarded by tentacle creatures and stone-throwing giants. More buds can be purchased from the Insight Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream after getting one.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Blood Gem Master (Silver):
    Acquire an extremely precious blood gem.

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