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Do Enemies Respawn in Lies of P?

One of Lies of P's medium-sized puppet enemies. But do they respawn?

Lies of P has no shortage of enemy puppets for you to fight. But what happens when you’ve snipped their strings and return to their location later? If you’re wondering if enemies respawn in Lies of P, here’s the answer.

How Lies of P Handles Respawning

If you use a Stargazer, all of Lies of P’s lower-level enemies will respawn, so if you wander through a previously cleared area, you’ll have to deal with them again. However, you also get Ergo for killing them all over again. That means you can harvest Ergo, grinding to level up if you so choose. While lower-level enemies will respawn, bosses — specifically those enemies with an energy bar — won’t.

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Although that seems simple, what’s considered “low level” varies as you progress through the game. Lies of P seems to mark certain enemies as mini-bosses, and those don’t respawn. So when you’re wandering around the rooftops, you’ll come across a bulked-up puppet, and there’s also another one near Krat City Hall. Kill either of these and you’ll get a reward. No matter how many times you return to that area after activating a Stargazer, they won’t be back.

But when you reach the factory, you’ll encounter a slightly better armed version of that enemy. Now no longer considered a mini-boss, it will respawn when you use a Stargazer. In the same factory you’ll encounter a pair of steam powered, fire-belching foes who, when killed, won’t reappear. Why? Because on that level, they’re marked as mini-bosses. It’s entirely possible you may run into them later in the game as “regular” enemies, in which case they’ll respawn.

This type of respawning is something games have been doing for a while. Take the original Doom, for example. The two Barons of Hell at the end of Episode 1 are bosses, but after that episode you can run into them anywhere in a level.

So, the answer to do enemies respawn in Lies of P is yes, unless they’re mini-bosses who dropped a special reward or regular bosses, in which case they won’t.

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