If you have wondered if streamers receive priority access in beta testing queues for massive games (like Diablo 4), here is the answer.

When a game beta like the one for Diablo 4 goes live and incurs massive queues with multiple-hour wait times, it raises questions — such as if some people, like streamers with sponsors, might get preferential treatment about when they get to play. So, if you have ever wondered if streamers receive priority access in beta testing queues for massive games like Diablo 4 and others, here is the answer.

Streamers Do Not Have Priority in Beta Testing Queues

In almost every highly anticipated new game beta, you can expect to find queues with long wait times as people pile in to try the game early. The Diablo 4 beta is a prime example of this, with queue times sitting consistently around two hours just to get into the game. However, when it comes to whether streamers fare any better than other players trying to get in, the answer is simply no — they’re stuck in the queue just as much as everyone else is.

Despite likely being paid to stream a beta to the thousands of people watching them on Twitch, the streamers are all stuck in queues just like everyone else.

Many streamers watch videos with their stream while they wait to get into a game, and some even tab into other games and play those while they wait. Kripparrian, who was a popular Diablo 3 streamer and then a Hearthstone streamer, opted to mostly play Hearthstone the whole time while waiting in the Diablo 4 queue. Even Quin69, one of the biggest streamers in the ARPG genre, had to wait around with his 20,000+ viewers for the queue to finally let him in.

So no, streamers do not have any special priority queue or any early access ahead of the game beta queues — they have to wait in line just like everyone else, even if they do have thousands of people waiting to watch them play the game!

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