If you are wondering if Hogwarts Legacy does or does not have multiple endings, here is the full, somewhat lackluster answer.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Multiple Endings?

Hogwarts Legacy lets you be as bad or as good as you want. Feel like using all the Unforgivable Curses? That’s up to you. But can you also choose how the game ends? Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings? Here’s the answer.

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Hogwarts Legacy Has Three Endings, but They’re Not Very Different

What Hogwarts Legacy ending you get depends on decisions you make near the end of the game. We’re not going to spoil things too much in case you haven’t reached the endings yet, but there are two main endings.

None of the decisions you make before reaching this endgame have an effect. You can use the Unforgivable Curses as much as you like and still get the “good” ending. You can also be the nicest wizard or witch in the world and still get the “bad” ending.

You’ll find a vast source of power, and if you choose to keep it locked away, you’ll get the good ending. Choose to take control of it and you’ll get the bad ending. However, in both endings, a major character dies.

Whichever ending you choose, there’s an additional “true” ending, unlocked by continuing past these two endings. It’s a neat way to tie up the school year, but your actions still don’t really have consequences.

So, Hogwarts Legacy does have multiple endings, but they’re not very different. You can be as bad or as good as you like and still get either of the main endings.

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