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Does Lethal Company Have an Ending?

Lethal Company, with a player at a spaceship's terminal.

Lethal Company casts you as a member of a scrap salvage crew, working for a faceless Weyland-Yutani-style corporation. But do your tasks ever end? If you’re wondering if Lethal Company has an ending, here’s the answer.

What You Need to Know About Lethal Company’s Ending

In Lethal Company, there is no ending, which is a fair representation of the corporate grind the game is riffing on. You spend day after day gathering scrap, dodging monsters, and trying to deal with an ever-escalating quota. This is a company so mean that they force you to buy your own flashlight, for crying out loud.

The game’s premise is a little like the superb Hardspace: Shipbreaker, but unlike that game you don’t get to fight back against the system. So, no, there is no ending where you storm the corporate HQ, join a union, or just take your ship and find a planet where the company won’t find you.

At least, there isn’t now. There’s the possibility that developer Zeekerss may add an ending later on, but it seems unlikely. The game’s Steam page states, “I want Lethal Company to be so full of creatures, items, customization, and map variations that it feels ‘infinitely replayable.'”

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So, the dev’s focus is likely to be new monsters and planets, plus dealing with any unexpected glitches. If it does get an ending it probably won’t be arriving any time soon. You’ll get to work until you die, at least in-game.

But that’s fine because while each trip is probably a nightmare for your protagonist(s), the game is a ridiculous amount of fun. And while there’s a finite amount of planets and monsters, each playthrough should be a unique experience.

I can still remember wandering smugly back to my ship, only to catch some massive creature walking past. It wasn’t a scripted jumpscare, but it was so utterly unexpected it had me jumping out of my skin.

So, the answer to does Lethal Company have an ending is no, but it doesn’t really need one.

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