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Does Lies of P Have a Multiplayer Invasion Mode?

Pinnochio from Lies of P

Lies of P has a lot in common with Bloodborne and other soulslikes, and one of the defining features of FromSoftware’s games is that you can leap into someone elses’s game, murdering them on their home turf. They, also, can do the same to you. So what about this puppet-based action RPG? If you’re wondering, does Lies of P have a multiplayer invasion mode, I’ve got the answer.

What You Need to Know About Lies of P’s Multiplayer

Lies of P does not have a multiplayer invasion mode. It doesn’t, in fact, have any kind of multiplayer. It’s single-player only, so no-one is going to invade your game. However, that also means no human players are going to come to your rescue when a particular boss is kicking your bottom. Let Me Solo Her isn’t going to leap in and stop you from being annihilated by a colossal puppet-gone-wrong.

What the game does have is Spectres. Before some boss fights, you’ll find a receptacle that you can put a Star Fragment into. You find these Star Fragments around the levels, sometimes on the corpses of fallen enemies. I went into the Lies of P’s Scrapped Watchman fight with 11 Star Fragments to spare, which should give you an idea of how common they are, at least at first.

Lies of P, the player and a Spectre fighting the Scrapped Watchman

Use a Star Fragment and a computer-controlled Spectre will assist you in the fight. They’re not particularly clever, and tend to just make a beeline for the boss. Unless you’re very quick at dispatching bosses, or if you really step into the fight, they’ll probably die before you. But most bosses will split their attention between you and them, which can give you a welcome breather.

But the answer to does Lies of P have a multiplayer invasion mode is no, and it has no multiplayer of any kind.

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