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Should You Tell the Weeping Woman the Truth or Lie in Lies of P?

Lies of P the Weeping Woman

Lies of P features plenty of unusual pick-ups, from chains that you can whip at enemies to glowing gems packed with life essence. But there’s one strange object that might well have you stumped when you stumble across it: the Broken Baby Puppet. If you’re wondering what to do with the Broken Baby Puppet and whether or not you should tell the truth to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P, I’ve got the answer.

How to Use the Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P

You can’t, sadly, beat enemies to death with the Broken Baby Puppet. It’s of absolutely no use to P. However, you can track down its owner and give it back to them. Even in its clearly broken state, they’re quite attached to it. That’s assuming you’ve already found it, If you’ve not found the Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P, it’s on the right side as you go up to City Hall’s entrance, which is being guarded by a headless, chunky enemy.

Where Is the Weeping Woman in Lies of P?

The Broken Baby Puppet belongs to the Weeping Woman, and you can find her, or rather her shadow, by a window above the small courtyard. To get there, start from the House on Elysian Boulevard’s Stargazer. Then, go through the door (not the smashed wall) and run along the planks, along the roof and past the enemies. You’ll see a roof that bridges the street, so run across that and then go left into another house.

From there, go through the doorway (there’s another broken open wall, ignore that), and you’ll see two corpses by a barricaded door, one in pink, one in green. The courtyard is to your left.

You can climb down one ladder and then climb up the second ladder, but there’s a police puppet down there who’ll get you if you’re not fast enough. Instead, go to the top of the ladder then, instead of climbing down, turn right and drop off the end of the ledge. You can now walk over to the window where you’ll meet the Weeping Woman.

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Should You Tell the Weeping Woman the Truth or Lie in Lies of P?

When you give the Broken Baby Puppet to the Weeping Woman, you have two choices. One is to lie and tell her how beautiful her child is. The other is to tell her the truth, that it’s a puppet. So what should you do?

The consequences for the choice in terms of how she reacts are pretty minimal. If you lie and pretend the Broken Baby Puppet is a real baby, the Weeping Woman is happy. If you tell her the truth that it’s a puppet, she’ll calmly accuse you of lying and say her family have put you up to it.

The choice to lie or tell the truth to Weeping Woman does affect P, though. If you lie, you get Clear Ergo and a record. You can play the record, one of many you’ll come across, on Hotel Krat’s gramophone. This will elevate P’s humanity, bringing him closer to being a real boy. If you tell the truth, you just get Clear Ergo.

So should you lie to the Weeping Woman or tell her the truth? It’s up to you, but when playing the full Lies of P game versus the demo, which also contains this scene, I chose to lie. She’s in the quarantine district, awaiting a particularly nasty fate, so I chose to give her some small comfort.

And that’s how to use the Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P.

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