If you are wondering if Meet Your Maker does or does not support crossplay and cross-content across PS PS4 PS5 Xbox, & PC, here's the answer.

As FPS games go, Meet Your Maker is a little bit different. Yes, you’re raiding outposts filled with nasties and traps, either on your own or with another player, but those outposts have also been crafted by other players. Meanwhile, you’re also crafting your own outpost, with the aim of murdering as many visitors as possible. So, with all this player interaction going on, you might be wondering if Meet Your Maker does or does not support crossplay. Here’s the answer.

Meet Your Maker Supports Cross-Content, but Not Crossplay: Here’s the Difference

Meet Your Maker does not support crossplay on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. So if you game on an Xbox and were planning on teaming up with a PlayStation owner, that’s not going to happen. There is no crossplay between different platforms, not right now anyway.

However, there is cross-content. What that means is that if, for example, you game on a PC, you can raid an outpost created by an Xbox or PC player. The way outposts work isn’t that you sit there activating traps manually. Instead, your outpost and its gruesome inhabitants are set to respond, automatically, to intruders.

You essentially create your outpost, and when it’s open for raiding, it’s entered into a pool of outposts. While you’re away from your console, people can still raid it. It doesn’t matter what platform it’s built on; anyone can raid it. Whether they succeed or die horribly is down to their reflexes, their wits, and your sadistic design skills.

So you can’t crossplay with someone on another platform, raiding an outpost as a team, but you can raid an outpost created by someone in Meet Your Maker on another platform.

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